Homepage of Hicham Janati

Institut Polytechnique de Paris - INRIA


Some of my projects can be useful to others:

  • I - Python packages:

    MTW :

    "Multi-task Wasserstein" is a sparse multi-task regression model with a geometric prior. It promotes spatial consistency across regression coefficients through an Optimal transport penalty term. For details, please have a look at (AISTATS 2019) or the documentation page.

    Group MNE :

    "Group MNE is Python package for MEG and EEG source localization performed on the data of a group of subjects." Documentation page..

    pyLDPC :

    "pyLDPC" can be used to construct LDPC codes and simulate coding and decoding of text, sound and image files when transmitted through a GWN (gaussian white noise) channel. Simple simulations with binary data can also be performed in order to compare the performance of a list of codes.
    The package and several tutorials are available at the pyldpc webpage. .

  • II - GUI Frameworks :


    LadyBird is a PyQt program for gene expression data analysis (single cell data). The framework is intended for statistical confrontation of two or more groups of cells ana modeling the evolution of genes distributions. Download links and youtube tutorials are available here.